Ginger Bee candles are made to be burnt. Down to the smallest skep-shaped candle, I chose the best wick for each candle’s dimensions so that virtually no wax will be wasted. When there are scraps and stubs of wax leftover from a spent candle, I encourage my customers to return them for a future discount so that I can melt them down and make more candles. For couples who have my candles at their weddings, I ask them to collect the candle stubs from which I make fresh candles for their home.

Hand Crafted, Personal Touch
"We love our Ginger Bee candles. We used them to adorn the tables at our wedding reception and they added the perfect, hand-crafted, personal touch. Mandy gathered the left over candles and melted them down to make new candles, so we now have great mementos from our special day. We couldn't be more pleased with the product and the service."
—Jeremy E.

Why beeswax?

  • It has a higher melting point than soy or paraffin candles so you get more burn for your buck.
  • It has a natural lightly sweet scent.
  • It does not affect individuals with allergies.
  • It has a beautiful warm buttery-yellowy-orange color.
  • It has been used throughout history as the candle wax of choice for the richest most precious moments of life.

Candles are used where life shows up.

  • They focus one’s attention.
  • They signal significance.
  • They highlight celebration.
  • They foster intimacy.
  • They light the way.

Who uses Ginger Bee candles:

  • Religious organizations of all types – Roman Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox Christians, Jews and the list goes on.
  • Off-the grid homesteaders
  • Campers
  • Late night Revelers
  • Cold-weather winter enthusiasts
  • Friends who are in solidarity with another friend giving birth
  • A candidate running for office, the night before an election
  • A person caught in a storm when the power is out
  • Romantics
  • Protesters
  • Beach bums