When I was first introduced to the bee keeping culture a whole new world opened up to me. I began to see that it is not only bees that love to be together in communities. Beekeepers can often be found together eating their packed lunches under trees surrounded by bee hives. They are highly social and helpful with each other, sensing when the bees in their care are happy or angry, identifying queen bees, releasing new queen bees and so on.

The media tells us about how bees are dying and how we will die when they do, but there are many ways to individually and collectively care for the bee population and prevent the sudden colony collapse syndrome long before the hives are in danger. There are many reasons to unite efforts to care for our fellow creatures. One of which is the health benefits of bee stings.

Cozier and More Hospitable
“Mandy’s candles make my home feel cozier for me and more hospitable for my guests. In the winter months I often use one in the middle of the kitchen table at breakfast to help my kids start the day in a centered way, an invitation to focus on the warmth instead of the cold. I prefer them to other candles because their fragrance is not overly strong, but rather has a delicate natural scent.” — Maurie H. 

Don’t get me wrong, bee stings still hurt and I have to take a little moment to catch my breath (and maybe cuss a bit), when I get stung, but because I’m not fatally allergic to the venom, the sting actually shocks me into a gratefulness for life and the intensity of life and death. Bees rarely sting someone without being provoked such as opening their homes or squishing them, whether accidentally or intentionally. Did you know that when the honey bee stings someone or something, it sacrifices its life in the effort to defend its fellow bee. The sting may hurt me for a few moments, but the bees life is almost instantly over. Many people who have crippling arthritis have hives on their property so that they can intentionally cause the bees to sting them near their joints. My first memory of this surprising bee benefit goes back to my maternal grandmother’s neighbor, Mr. Keller who always had a few hives on his farm. Little did I know then that I would now be obsessed with all things bee.

Worship Gatherings
"The candles have been a nice addition to our worship gatherings, providing a subtle and pleasant aroma in addition to their even burning. And we love the fact that Ginger Bee is able to reuse the leftover wax to make new candles!" — Josh S.

You can find out more about the wonderful world just buzzing around us by exploring some of these links. Enjoy!