Welcome to Ginger Bee: Artfully Crafted Beeswax Products. I'm pretty excited that you are here.

Who is Ginger Bee? Well, it’s me of course, Amanda (my friends call me Mandy) McLaughlin. Who am I, you ask? Well, I’m an average girl from an average Midwestern state, who is of average height, average weight, and has an average amount of smarts. However, between you and me, I must confess, I have an above average obsession with bees! My dream is to have one foot in the city and one foot in the countryside. Bees help me do that.

While we are on the topic of obsessions, I should probably tell you about another obsession I have; I also love to travel. Could all that buzzing-about be a bee thing as well? I have lived in both India and Japan, and I love travelling internationally and am always scheming about how I might spend time with people from other countries – it’s a bonus if they’re a beekeeper, but that is another story.

Just for the moment, let’s focus on bees and beeswax products; we can talk about the other stuff later. I bet it was your interest in beeswax products that brought you here. Please look around, and let me know if I can be helpful.

Keep in mind, that candles are used wherever life shows up.

Why Ginger Bee?

Ginger Bee candles have a light sweet honey scent, warm buttery-yellow-orange color, an even burn, and they make great holiday gifts. I have all kinds of candles available for all kinds of occasions—everything from religious services, to weddings, to off-the grid homesteaders.

Sweet Honey Aroma

"I light my Ginger Bee candles in my office, and after a bit, the room is full of the sweet honey aroma, which makes having to do the work so much easier to bear! Their color is perfect this season, mixed with the oranges, browns and golds of autumn." —Rose J.